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One of the most common concerns patients present to us with is unwanted body fat. This can take the form of excess fat in specific areas of the body or manifest as cellulite. While it’s not uncommon to have some stubborn body fat in certain areas, for some people there is little diet and exercise alone can do. At KM Medical Aesthetix in Birmingham we can help you decrease fat, reduce cellulite and sculpt your shape with our fat reduction treatments.

At our beauty clinic we offer non-surgical body shaping solutions that can provide instant inch loss, skin tightening and fat removal. There’s no surgery needed and no hospital stay is required. If you wish to avoid more invasive procedures you can achieve a non-surgical ‘tummy tuck’ at our aesthetics clinic in Birmingham. Both men and women can benefit from radiofrequency fat reduction treatments. They are quick, versatile and can help to transform multiple areas of the body. Skin tightening treatments are also popular as a way of firming loose skin on the face and body. 

To discover how fat reduction treatment in Birmingham could help you, make sure you get in touch by visiting our contact page or by calling 01213877979.

What can fat reduction treatments offer you?

Whether you want to get rid of unwanted body fat or reduce cellulite, body contouring or fat reduction treatments are a reliable and safe way to enhance and tone your natural shape. It is an effective non-surgical method to help with inch loss and tighten the skin.

An alternative to liposuction, body contouring after weight loss is non invasive and can provide long lasting results. While these treatments are not a substitute for losing weight they can help with instant inch loss. A maintenance programme is required for longer lasting results. As well as getting rid of unwanted body fat we can also help to tone, firm and tighten the skin at the same time. We call these, skin tightening treatments. These are ideal for people who have recently lost weight or been through pregnancy.

What areas of the body can be treated with fat reduction?

The main benefit of choosing non-surgical body contouring treatments is that we can help you shift stubborn fat and cellulite from multiple areas. Popular areas for fat reduction treatments and skin tightening treatments include the abdomen, the buttocks and the thighs. As part of body contouring after weight loss we can also help to tone up problem area such as the upper arms, or ‘bingo-wings’.

As part of a non-surgical tummy tuck in Birmingham the abdomen skin can be firmed and excess fat reduced. This creates a sleek contour and is popular with post-partum mothers. For body contouring and cellulite reduction of the thighs and buttocks, radiofrequency treatments may be ideal. The heat energy penetrates deep into the skin and fat leading to impressive results after just one session. We call this instant inch loss.

What fat reduction treatments are available?

We can offer a variety of fat reduction solutions for those looking to erase stubborn body fat. Every patient is different and is given bespoke treatments to ensure the very best in instant inch loss.

There are two treatments currently available at the clinic to remove unwanted body fat, tighten loose skin and minimise cellulite. Both are non-surgical and safe. 

Lipofirm Pro

Lipofirm Pro is an award-winning device that uses radiofrequency energy and a deep massage technique to break down fat cells. It can be performed in your lunch hour and is comfortable. It’s ideal for treating cellulite or reducing unwanted body fat.

This energy-assisted body contouring treatment reduces stubborn body fat and can provide instant inch loss in many cases. A course of treatments with Lipofirm Pro is usually recommended for the best possible results.

You can find out more about this on the Lipofirm Pro treatment page.


Another way to tackle cellulite and stubborn body fat is Carboxytherapy. This is a skin rejuvenation treatment that has been used for many years to reduce localised fat and improve the appearance of cellulite.

During treatment, carbon dioxide gas is injected to the target area of fat. The body sends blood cells to the area to remove gas particles and this improves the oxygen flow to the area, thus rejuvenating the cells.

You can read more about this on the Carboxytherapy treatment page.

Who is suitable for skin tightening?

As our fat reduction treatments and skin tightening treatments are non surgical they are suitable for most people. We treat patients of all ages looking to shift unwanted body fat.

Of course, there is no non surgical alternative to cosmetic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks. However, we can help you reduce fat, tone and firm loose skin and minimise the appearance of cellulite.

A consultation is required to ensure suitability for fat reduction treatments. You can book a consultation via email or by calling 01213877979. Visit the contact us page for further details about skin tightening in Birmingham.

Are the results of fat removal instant?

Instant inch loss in areas of stubborn body fat is possible. Radiofrequency energy treatments offer initial skin firming and inch loss benefits although the stimulation of fat reduction takes a few weeks.

With the Lipofirm Pro, we often see an instant lift from the skin tightening. Our patients are thrilled with the short term results, as well as the long term aesthetic changes from our skin tightening treatments and body shaping solutions. Fat reduction doesn’t get any faster than this.

How long do the results of fat reduction last?

This depends on which body contouring treatment you choose and how many treatments you have. Most patients find the results of fat reduction treatments to be long-lasting. Maintenance programme is advisable and desirable for best results.

We also see patients return for ‘top-up’ body contouring treatments. This helps to maintain the results for a longer period.

Are body contouring treatments comfortable?

A small number of patients experience some mild discomfort but generally speaking our fat reduction treatments are not painful. A full consultation is given before hand where you will be given advice on what to expect.

Our treatments for skin tightening and instant inch loss are all non invasive. You do not need to take time off work or your home life to undergo body shaping solutions. The beauty of skin tightening treatments and non-invasive solutions to tackle stubborn fat is that they don’t require a hospital stay. Many patients find that a positive and reassuring benefit.

Who should I trust to perform fat removal in Birmingham?

At KM Medical Aesthetix clinic in Birmingham we have a team of skin tightening specialists ready to treat you. The key is finding a fat loss expert that truly understands your goals and needs as an individual.

Whether you’re seeking instant inch loss results ahead of a party or fat reduction treatments to improve your body confidence after weight loss – we can help you.

We invest in innovative technology and beauty treatments to help you look and feel your best. Our goal is to boost your body confidence and help you be the best version of yourself.

Can you treat the face too?

Yes – skin tightening treatments in Birmingham can also benefit the face. Some patients choose to rejuvenate the face as well as the body. Visit the Lipofirm Pro page for more information about facial contouring and wrinkle reduction.

Where can I get more information?

There’s more in depth treatment information about our body shaping solutions including Lipofirm Pro and Carboxytherapy on the treatment pages.

If you are considering skin tightening or fat reduction in Birmingham we recommend reading these pages. The information will help you establish what body shaping solutions are best for you.

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