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What is AQ Recovery Serum?

AQ Recovery Serum rejuvenates your skin by utilising a high concentration of Growth Factors and proteins that are naturally found in connective tissues. This skin rejuvenation treatment enhances the skin’s natural process of regeneration, reducing the signs of ageing and repairing damaged skin. It can be used with other facial treatments to enhance healing. It can help with acne scarring, stretch marks, potentiates healing after laser skin resurfacing, burns and skin peels. It improves skin redness and inflammation.

Why choose AQ Growth Factor Induced Therapy (GFIT)

GF-technology accelerates healing. It comprises of advanced method of producing Growth Factors which are proteins and are the important to stimulate fibroblasts  elastin and collagen production. It reduces fine lines.

It helps to improve the sun damaged skin, ageing and the AQ Hair Complex also helps to restore normal hair growth. The AQ-Vaginal rejuvenation system helps with vaginal dryness.

Lash serum helps to improve the eyelashes.

AQ Active serum and Eye serum are home care treatments to help skin texture.

Endo-Test is a testosterone hormone rebalancing serum, which is the first hormone free solution, can be used by both men and women and helps to restore body’s energy levels.

Why choose treatments using growth factors?

Skin rejuvenation treatments using growth factor technology has been the go-to procedure for A-list celebrities for decades.  The serum contains growth factors that are essential to maintaining young looking skin.

What is the procedure like with AQ Recovery Serum?

First of all our experts will offer you a consultation. This helps us ascertain your needs and goals with regards to what you hope to achieve from undergoing this cosmetic treatment.

During treatment, AQ Recovery Serum is applied on the face or chosen areas. This could also help the delicate décolletage area. A needling treatment is then applied to the area, pressing gently onto the skin to ensure the serum penetrates and activates the skin cells.

Initially this will create a brighter looking appearance. Long term this stimulates collagen production, cellular renewal and healthy circulation.

Is AQ Recovery Serum painful?

It is a largely pain-free procedure, although some redness may follow immediately after treatment.

What skin problems can AQ Recovery Serum improve?

The benefit of this type of skin rejuvenation treatment is that numerous skin concerns can be tackled. Below are some of the most common skin problems we treat using AQ Recovery Serum.

•       Dark spots

•       Dark circles under the eyes,

•       Acne scars & chicken pox scars

•       Acne

•       General skin rejuvenation

What are the main benefits of this treatment?

•       Effective combination of growth factor technology and antioxidants to achieve younger looking skin

•       Supplements the skin to address signs of aging

•       Can encourage healing after skin resurfacing procedures

•       May calm inflammation and irritation caused by some skin treatments

How frequent are treatments?

The total number of skin rejuvenation treatments you might need will vary. During your consultation, our doctors will discuss a personalised treatment and aftercare plan to suit your needs and finances.

How long is a course of AQ Recovery Serum treatments?

Typically, three to four courses of one treatment every two weeks yields excellent results. This will always vary patient to patient and you should book a consultation to get a tailored treatment plan.

How long do AQ Recovery Serum results last?

This varies patient to patient. After your initial treatments, we will discuss a maintenance plan with you.

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