What the effect of HIFU on the skin?

The secret to the success of the highly focused ultrasound is that, in contrast with other technologies available in the beauty industry, it provides a faster and more profound solution for the problems of flabby skin. Its effectiveness is due to the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology, which leaves the surrounding skin untouched in the treatment area, and affects the SMAS layer specifically.

Its effect is two-fold:

  •          Induces the remodelling of collagen
  •          Triggers the contraction of the SMAS layer

Thus, the skin regains its natural support and becomes tighter

How does the HIFU technology work?

HIFU is an abbreviation, which means high intensity focused ultrasound.

During the treatment, sound waves, that are higher than 20 kHz (5 and 7 MHz) and inaudible to the human ear, are leaving the transducer, thus, heat develops in our skin. This procedure can generate a thermal effect in deeper layers of the skin than any other before.

This energy wave is intermolecular, which means that it triggers vibration inside the molecule, and in consequence, heat is generated in the skin. This corresponds to about 60-70°C, which is not perceptible on the surface of the skin during treatment.

So why is the HIFU technology unique?

  •          Because it is the non-invasive procedure with the most profound effect
  •          Because risks and side effects are minimal and there is no recovery period.
  •          Because HIFU can create the highest temperatures and causes the strongest collagen contraction
  •          Because it is highly focused and provides a more targeted treatment than any other procedure
  •          Because HIFU affects the subcutaneous fat and muscle layer and collagen production as well
  •          A course of treatments could be required.

HIFU facial treatment was approved by the FDA for eyelid lifting in 2009 and for the lifting of lax submental (beneath the chin) and neck skin and tissues in 2012.

HIFU facial treatment can be combined with other procedures, with observing minimum intervals. Thermage, Polaris, YAG laser treatments, IPL, PRP and thread-lifting are used combination with HIFU most frequently.

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