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Facials are popular treatments which are widely available and help in regenerating the skin. Facials have grown from just going to a spa and having a face and body cleansing, massages and masks; to more advanced treatments for bespoke skin needs.

This requires a facial analysis. The treatment then can be tweaked to needs and preferences often requiring needles, aesthetic products and lot more. To find out what facial treatment at our beauty clinic in Birmingham would be most suited your needs, get in touch via our contact page.

We provide facials that:

  • Help with anti-ageing
  • Exfoliation
  • Cleansing
  • Hydration and nourishing
  • Smooth the skin
  • Increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Increase cell turn over which helps in tightening and lifting

The cleansing and massaging is followed by Laser treatments, gentle peels, radiofrequency treatments and LED light therapy.

Hydrafacial Treatment in Birmingham

At our aesthetic clinic in Birmingham we provide the ultimate skin detoxifying, exfoliating and deep cleansing treatment, the HydraFacial. There are the five steps to help with hydration involved in this treatment including gentle peeling and LED light treatment.

It can be combined with other treatments to enhance the effects like wrinkle relaxing toxins, more advanced peels and radiofrequency. To find out more about Hydrafacial in Birmingham, please get in touch by visiting our contact page.

This treatment is catered more to treat your skin problems and is excellent to maintain better skin health. Visit our HydraFacial treatment page for more information.

Other Facial Treatments

  • Profacial

A deep cleansing and gentle exfoliating facial, which has radiofrequency, ultrasound and ION lifting combined. Helps with maintaining good skin health.

A Pro Facial treatment hydrates, exfoliates the skin and promotes collagen production and increased blood flow. This treatment is especially excellent for congested skin, acne and oily skin.

The Pro Facial treatment is ideal for everyone, irrespective of skin type, age or gender. It addresses common concerns such as lines and wrinkles, tired skin, sun damage, large pores, acne and congested skin and pigmentation.

Having a Pro Facial is a relaxing and pain free experience. You will feel the suction during the deep cleanse phase but it will not be painful.  You will leave the clinic with your face feeling massaged and relaxed. This is a “no downtime” treatment, so you can expect to get on with normal activities right away. In some cases localised redness may occur but this will subside leaving behind beautifully clear skin.

  • Fire and Ice

It is a mild salon treatment which helps in brightening the skin, used with two masks with 18% Glycolic acid with Retinol 0.5% and Aloe vera, Antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid 5%. It’s a comfortable fabulous skin brightening treatment, excellent to do before an important event. One of the few medical facials which can be given during pregnancy.

  • Microneedling Facials

Using a Dermapen, helps to combat skin ageing, superficial pigmentation, uneven skin tone and fine lines. A more serious facial which can be combined with Hyaluronic acid and various Vitamins. It can also be combined with Platelet Rich Fibrin treatment, to boost the growth factors and give a more better result for skin rejuvenation. LED can be combined with cosmeceuticals to use post treatment. Visit our Microneedling treatment page for more information.

  • Laser Facials

This treatment uses NdYAG laser. Can help with pigment and Acne prone skin and helps to airbrush the skin and reduce the pores. Wonderful to combine it with Growth factors and various masks to help stimulate the skin.

  • Carbon Laser Facial

Done with NdYAG Laser and a Carbon peel mask. Helps to clear the skin, minimize pigmentation and reduce pore size.

  • AQ Facials

AQ facials are the HERO facials which is done with microneedling, the AQ Recovery Serum helps to brighten the skin, regenerate and stimulate collagen and Fibroblasts. Helps with acne and acne scarring.

If you’d like to book a facial in Birmingham visit our contact page or call 01213877979 to book.

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