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Tattoo Removal in Birmingham

They may seem like a good idea at the time, but tattoos aren’t always beloved forevermore. Tattoo removal treatments are increasingly popular with adults who no longer enjoy the body art they previously committed to.

Ten years ago the options for removal were limited and the results were not always ideal, but with new technology we can eliminate unwanted tattoos of any size and colour. At KM Medical Aesthetix we offer laser tattoo removal in Birmingham for men and women seeking to remove unwanted tattoos from their body.

How do tattoo removal treatments work?

Tattoo removal treatments use focused energy to destroy the ink pigmentation. Tattoos can be removed from any part of the body, including the face and neck. Before undergoing any treatments to remove tattoos a full consultation with one of our experts is necessary – you can book a consultation here.

A course of treatments is needed to remove unwanted tattoos. During tattoo removal in Birmingham a laser is used to blast energy into the pigmentation. The aim of this is to break down the ink and gradually remove the tattoo from the skin. It’s not a fast process – it can take months to complete – but the results using our cutting edge technology are undeniably impressive.    

What treatments are available to remove unwanted tattoos?

We have an effective treatment for those looking to remove unwanted tattoos in the form of laser therapy. Every patient is different and we offer bespoke treatments to ensure the very best in safe tattoo removal in Birmingham, as well as other skin pigmentation concerns.

Our best treatment currently available at KM Medical Aesthetix to remove tattoos and ink from the skin uses a Q Switched laser which is non surgical and safe, and can also remove certain pigmented lesions too. 

Who is suitable for tattoo removal treatments?

Alongside our skin rejuvenation treatments and skin resurfacing treatments tattoo removal treatments are non invasive, making them suitable for most people. Our clinic treats patients of all ages seeking to permanently remove tattoo ink from the skin.

We can also treat other skin imperfections such as sagging skin and ageing skin. A consultation is required to confirm your suitability for skin rejuvenation treatments. You can book a consultation by calling 01213877979 or you can book online here.

Are the results of tattoo removal treatments instant?

Unfortunately not, but we have the technology at hand to make sure the treatment times are less and the results come faster than older devices that didn’t have the same power. A course of treatments is required and results vary patient to patient. Smaller tattoos take less time to remove than larger tattoos, for example. We are proud to say that our patients are delighted with long term aesthetic changes with the tattoo removal treatments available. Our aim is help you look and feel your absolute best.

How long do the results of tattoo removal treatments last?

The benefit of choosing laser tattoo removal is that the results are long lasting. This is a permanent solution to unwanted tattoos and body ink, so you can be sure any trace of the body art will be removed.

Are tattoo removal treatments comfortable?

Some patients experience some mild discomfort but generally speaking our skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal treatments are not painful. The advanced laser technology boasts faster and less painful treatments than previously offered in the UK. A full consultation is given before hand where you will be given advice on what to expect.

Will I need to take time off to recover?

The beauty of non invasive solutions to tackle unwanted tattoos and pigmentation is that they don’t require a hospital stay. This is a popular reason to try tattoo removal instead of last resorts like surgery.

Who should I trust to perform these treatments?

At KM Medical Aesthetix in Birmingham we have a brilliant team of skin experts ready to help you. Our advice is to find a tattoo removal expert that truly understands what you want to achieve from laser tattoo removal treatments.

We invest in state-of-the-art technology and modern beauty treatments to help you look and feel your best. Our aim is to enhance your self-confidence and allow you to be the best version of you.

Where can I get more information?

Please feel free to call or email the clinic with specific questions. We are always happy to provide initial advice and invite you in for a consultation. There’s more in depth treatment information about our tattoo removal solutions on the treatment pages which will help you establish which skin rejuvenation treatments are best for you. You can also book a consultation online or call 01213877979

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